Larger Map of Hongô Section

地図:本郷キャンパス 拡大地図

The Entire Map of Hongô Section

地図:本郷キャンパス 全体地図
7-3-1 HONGO, BUNKYO-KU, TOKYO, 113-0033, JAPAN


We are “researcher agents” that support the securing of rights, marketing and licensing of inventions.
Our liaison assistants will provide friendly support in accordance with various scenes.
We look forward to consultations regarding new inventions from all of researchers. Please feel free to contact us.
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TODAI TLO stipulates the following policy concerning the protection of personal information.

Privacy policy

Obtainment of user information

The following personal information is obtained through legal and legitimate means.

  1. (1)Name, gender, date of birth, telephone number, address, email address
  2. (2)The use information of the service provided by our company (hereinafter “Service”)

・Terminal information
Information regarding terminal equipment used by user upon using the Service(Type of OS, individual information identification of terminal, etc. )

・Log information
Information regarding the use history of the Service by user(IP address, use date, etc. )

・Information obtained by tracking technique
Our company may obtain information such as user’s action history etc. by using tracking technique such as cookie etc. If user does not want us to use cookie etc., user may reject its use by changing the browser setting.

Use purpose

Use information will be used for the following purposes.

  1. (1)To enable user to use the Service in a smooth manner
  2. (2)Management and improvement of the Service
  3. (3)To provide information and contact necessary or beneficial to user when using the Service
  4. (4)To provide information related to contents considered deeply interested by user (including e-mail magazine, advertisement of service provided by other company)
  5. (5)To respond to inquiry from user
  6. (6)To prevent unauthorized use of the Service
  7. (7)To perform other matters related to each of above items
Providing of user information

Unless we obtain prior consent or it is stipulated by laws and regulations etc., personal data will not be provided to a third party outside of the use purpose.

Matters concerning security control measures

Alongside preventing leakage, falsification, loss, damage, etc. of personal information, we will also provide other appropriate control measures.