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地図:本郷キャンパス 拡大地図

The Entire Map of Hongô Section

地図:本郷キャンパス 全体地図
7-3-1 HONGO, BUNKYO-KU, TOKYO, 113-0033, JAPAN

Company Outline




August 3, 1998

Head office

3F, UCR Plaza, 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Access Maps


Tel: (+81)-3-5805-7661
Fax: (+81)-3-5805-7699


Return the knowledge of the University of Tokyo to society through links with industry


20,000,000 yen


President and Representative Director Takafumi YAMAMOTO

Executive vice-president and Director Keiko HONDA

Director Tomoo ISHIDA

Audit&Supervisory Board Member Tami YOSHIDA

Licensing Results

Multiple licensing agreements and technological transfers have been carried out at the TLO for the University of Tokyo until now.

The progress of the number of contracts
The progress of the technology transfer revenue


We will cordially provide support in accordance with various cases.

President and Representative Director
Registered Technology Transfer Professional
Takafumi Yamamoto

I strive to form a group that produces technology that promotes transfer of knowledge between industry and academic in Japan.

Executive vice-president
Registered Technology Transfer Professional
Ph.D(Doctor of Medical)
Keiko Sakagami Honda Ph.D.

To use a metaphor, I want to become a "migratory fish". I want to connect as many university research findings as possible to society through footwork and network.

Registered Technology Transfer Professional
Tomoo Ishida

What is the secret to successful technology transfer? I believe they are overflowing passion, tough mind, and tenacious introduction of technology. I believe these attributes will lead to big success!?

Registered Technology Transfer Professional Aya Umeda

I have weak stomach, but I have strong legs and heart. I will advance toward the path of technology transfer with my strong heart and legs that can walk for miles.

Registered Technology Transfer Professional Satoshi Honda

Things I feel recently are "Time has caught up to technology" "My age has caught up to my face".

Yayoi Watanabe

My hobbies are drinking, eating and cooking delicious food. I'll do my best with light feet and soft heads!

Registered Technology Transfer Professional Shoko Tomita

Invention coming from Todai! Invention that can change the world. To researchers and corporate people, "Mensore" ("welcome" in Okinawa dialect) ♪  By: Churasan

Hiroshi Fukushige

By taking the famous quote from a comic book "Slam Dunk" to my heart "When you give up, that’s when the game ends", I will comit to work until its completed.

Registered Technology Transfer Professional Kazuya Suzuki

My background is alpine ski and darts. I run till the end even if I fall! I will shoot through the academic-industrial collaboration with the threefold arrows--intellectual property, sales, contracts.

Tomoko Fujita

I commute with 240 k/h. I will do my best to carry out my work at the same speed as Shinkansen!

Junko Komura

I like to engage in international exchange. I read Fitzgerald. I continue to introduce new technology to all corners of the world on daily basis!

Keiji Sueishi

I was a concert master during my university years. As for the present, I will produce harmonic sound between company and university as a license associate.

Nanako Ishido

My nickname in the company is "Bikke". Through my light footwork and courageous heart, I help overcome the challenges surrounding the commercialization of technology!

Yuki Tanaka

Under the motto "motivated person will find the way, and unmotivated person will find excuses", I am daily searching for my seeking.

Kana Taguchi

I want to contribute toward the expansion of industry by further vitalizing academic-industry collaboration activities, so that I can brighten up society through university knowledge.

Yusuke Takeno

Under the motto "if you want to accomplish something, you must become foolishly honest", I want to move forward toward academic-industry collaboration in a foolish and honest manner.

Kaoru Shigeta

I always strive to do my best in a positive way and with a smile. Let's make an innovation together from university to the world.

Yusuke Saito

I follow the motto "Don't worry Be happy" that I learned while growing up in my second homeland Guam Island.

Takanori Hasegawa

I livened up the crowd through Rakugo performance during my student years. This time, I will liven up the world through the technology of researchers!

Hiroka Kitagawa

I always refresh by going to theatre and Chinese idol performance on weekends.

Maho Takeuchi

My favorite phrase is " three years on a cold stone will make the stone warm". I will do my best to gain experience through diligent efforts, so that I can become a dependent person.

Haruka Muto

I feel happy when I'm playing and having a relaxing time with cat. I am constantly thinking about cat's happiness on daily basis.

Tomoyuki Okamoto

I engage to my work by wishing someone will invent a device much needed for me entitled "device that can increase motivation and focus 100 times"!

Hiroto Denda

My name is Denda who entered the company in 2018.  In terms of source of my motivation, for hobby it will be travel destination, and for work, it will be the unknown world bieng revealed by the university technology.

Ph.D(Doctor of Environmental Studies) Miho Sakao

When I was a student, I chased wild animals on an uninhabited island. This time we will pursue a big dream that will change the world with new technology!

Kana Nakahara

When I was a student, I belonged to the equestrian club and worked hard every day for horses. From now on, I will do my best with 1 million horsepower for the technology from the university!

Yasuko Hattori

Haruno Wakayama

Sarina Iwamoto

Keisuke Goto