Larger Map of Hongô Section

地図:本郷キャンパス 拡大地図

The Entire Map of Hongô Section

地図:本郷キャンパス 全体地図
7-3-1 HONGO, BUNKYO-KU, TOKYO, 113-0033, JAPAN

For Company Reps

In addition to patent licensing, we also handle intellectual properties such as software and MTA.
There are many inventions and case examples that have not been posted on the website.
We may be able to introduce inventions and researchers suitable for your company’s products, technology development and research.

What are you looking for?

We are looking for technology in a particular field. Can you show us what technology Todai has to offer?

More than 600 patents a year are made for technologies developed at the University of Tokyo. Please tell us what sort of technology you are looking for, in as much detail as you are able. If we have any technology that meets your needs, we will be happy to tell you about it.
In addition, even if we do not have anything immediately on hand, we can let you know when something suitable is invented.

Could you connect us with some Todai Professors doing research in the field of XX?

We have nearly 4,000 researchers at the University of Tokyo. Please tell us what fields of technologies you are looking for, in as much detail as you are able. We will be happy to assist you as far as we are able.

Can you introduce us to Professor XX at Todai?

We are able to contact a professor you are searching for, and, if the professor agrees, can set up a meeting or similar for you. Feel free to contact us any time.

Could you release information to us on unpublished items that Todai has applied for? Or, could you release it to us if we were members?

First, please tell us what field of technology you are looking for, in detail. If we have anything that matches your needs, we will be happy to provide it, even if the patent has not been published. In that event, we will need to have you sign a non-disclosure agreement.
Please also note that at present we do not have any system of priority disclosure to members.

I would like a list of Todai technology. Could you release it?

We do not have lists at TLO, but you can view published applications on the Division of University Corporate Relations website. Please check the following link.

University of Tokyo Patent Publication Information (Japanese language only)

Do you have any standard prices for license lump sum payments or royalties for licensing contracts?

Each technology is different, so there are no standard prices. We negotiate the license conditions on a case-by-case basis as is appropriate for the specific technology in question.

We would like to carry out some collaborative research. Where should we make inquiries?

If you are interested in collaborative research, please follow the application procedures as laid out in the University of Tokyo Rules for Handling Collaborative Research. Please refer to the Division of University Corporate Relations website for details.

Starting collaborative or entrusted research: University of Tokyo Division of University Corporate Relations

We would like to make a patent application for research results done in collaboration with Todai. What are the specific procedures we should follow?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the procedures.

Other questions

Questions other than those above are accepted at all times.
We would appreciate if you would contact us using the following form.