Larger Map of Hongô Section

地図:本郷キャンパス 拡大地図

The Entire Map of Hongô Section

地図:本郷キャンパス 全体地図
7-3-1 HONGO, BUNKYO-KU, TOKYO, 113-0033, JAPAN

Mission Vision Value


Mission of the TODAI TLO

Agent connecting University of Tokyo inventions and companies.

With a mission to spread the University of Tokyo's knowledge to the world, we patents the University of Tokyo's research results and licences them to private companies.
We use our strength as a 100% subsidiary of the University of Tokyo to deliver research and intellectual property from the University of Tokyo to society through industry.


Management Philosophy

Return the knowledge of the University of Tokyo to society through links with industry

We produce social implementation of the University of Tokyo's knowledge by collaborating with industry and improve the future in ten years' time.
One of our important tasks is to consider the commercialisation of research results while identifying the issues and needs of society.


Our Values

Respect for creativity
TODAI TLO is a marketing team that accompanies researchers in their thoughts and ideas and their own creativity towards social implementation.
Challenges with enthusiasm
We work with enthusiasm to make as much use of the university's technology as possible in technology transfer activities that involve uncertainty.
Promoting the appeal of science
Do you remember the excitement you felt when the steam train, bullet train and mobile phone were invented?
We want to create a new world through science and technology. We are working with this in mind.

Message from the CEO


We want to link university knowledge to the creation of a prosperous future society.

The results of university research are produced from a variety of perspectives, including the search for truth, research aimed at solving social problems, and research that imagines the society of the future.
We are working to link as many of these research results as possible to the creation of a prosperous future society.
We are also expanding our network of industrial partners who are willing to cooperate with us in the social implementation of such knowledge through industry-academia collaboration. New start-ups have also joined this network.
All of us at the University of Tokyo are united in our efforts to promote technology transfer activities so that this knowledge-based network of the University of Tokyo can continue to grow.
We would like to ask for your help and support in this endeavour.

CEO Keiko Honda

We may be able to introduce inventions and researchers suitable for your company’s products, technology development and research